Global Associates

AMALA Clean Energy Advisors includes a core group of high-caliber global experts with extensive experience and proven track records developing clean energy solutions in emerging markets. They collectively represent a multi-disciplinary set of industry expertise including engineering, energy system planning, financial structuring and analysis, energy economics, environmental management, social inclusion, and institutional/utility experience.

Migara Jayawardena

Managing Director

Experience developing innovative investments and facilitating financing for energy projects in emerging markets throughout the world.

Areas of Expertise: Utility & project finance, investment evaluation, cost-benefit and risk analysis, public-private partnership, transmission & distribution, hydropower, geothermal, solar, natural gas

Noureddine Berrah

Senior Global Associate (Energy)

Energy specialist with extensive technical experience developing RE and energy efficiency investments and policies, including landmark initiatives in China.

Areas of Expertise: Engineering, systems planning, utility reforms, transmission & distribution, natural gas, hydropower, solar, wind power, geothermal, biomass, energy efficiency

Jamil Sopher

Senior Global Associate (Finance)

Experience facilitating international financing and providing transaction advice for energy and infrastructure investments including cyber security.

Areas of Expertise: Corporate and project finance, utilities, deal structuring, hydropower, geothermal, transmission & distribution

Srilal Perera

Senior Global Associate (Counsel)

Legal expert in energy and infrastructure investments with experience underwriting project risks.

Areas of Expertise: Risk insurance, infrastructure financing, hydropower, geothermal

Enno Henderjemans

Global Associate (Renewable Energy)

Technical specialist with experience in design and implementation of RE investments; expertise with technology improvements; and, performance evaluation.

Areas of Expertise: hydropower, solar, wind power, geothermal, biomass, project implementation support

Stan Peabody

Global Associate (Social)

Specialized expertise in social inclusion, resettlement, livelihoods restoration, and stakeholder concerns including indigenous peoples.

Areas of Expertise: hydropower, geothermal, biogas, power transmission, natural gas, energy efficiency

Paolo Bona

Global Associate (Geothermal)

Specialist in geothermal resource assessment, development and risk mitigation with extensive experience in Latin America.

Areas of Expertise: Geothermal resource assessment and development

Kaler Hürcan

Global Associate (Energy)

Energy specialist and experienced project manager with expertise in deal structuring and evaluating project performance.

Areas of Expertise: Renewable energy, transmission & distribution, project evaluation

Dennis Reyes

Global Associate (Finance)

Expertise in private sector financing, deal structuring, and investment evaluation.

Areas of Expertise: Project finance, deal structuring, natural gas, renewable energy

Deo Dhakal

Global Associate (Energy Economics)

Expert in energy economics and evaluation of investments, experience training sector professionals.

Areas of Expertise: Renewable energy, transmission & distribution, cost-benefit and risk analysis 

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