Our Capabilities

The Clean Energy Transition presents momentous investment opportunities for improving energy efficiencies and developing cleaner generation technologies to decarbonize the industry to address climate change. AMALA’s Global Associates can help you overcome key emerging challenges to successfully invest in a dynamically evolving market.

Navigating the Clean Energy Transition

Improving energy efficiency and transitioning to cleaner generation technologies are major solutions to decarbonizing the industry to address climate change. Future energy systems will need to reliably and sustainably serve consumers.

Seizing Momentous Investment Opportunities

AMALA can help clients capture a share of the sizable global expansion expected in clean energy markets. We can mobilize our extensive global experience to help develop all RE technologies, energy efficiency interventions, and strengthen the resilience of energy systems.

Overcoming Barriers that Challenge Success

Our Global Associates can help identify, assess, and address barriers so clients can invest with confidence. Whether it is helping integrate RE into power systems, mitigate risks to make investments bankable, or support efforts to improve policies that enhance investment climates, we specialize in helping clients overcome challenges and successfully invest in the Clean Energy Transition.

Our Capabilities

  • Proven expertise working with utilities, investors and financiers to develop clean energy solutions throughout the world
  • Conceptualize and design clean energy investments
  • Formulate policy and regulatory solutions for improving investment climate
  • Carry out due-diligence for all aspects of clean energy interventions through an integrated approach
  • Identify and assess key investment risks and develop mitigation measures
  • Oversee project implementation adapting to evolving conditions and managing risks
  • Strengthen the capabilities of institutions through training and advisory support
  • Evaluate performance of clean energy initiatives
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