About us

AMALA Clean Energy Advisors includes a core group of high-caliber multi-disciplinary global experts with extensive experience and proven track records developing clean energy solutions in emerging markets.


AMALA Clean Energy Advisors

Specializes in helping clients navigate the Clean Energy Transition for investing in more climate friendly energy systems. It is a one-stop shop for innovative and integrated solutions to comprehensively address all major aspects for successfully investing in clean energy.
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Global Expertise

A high caliber group of multi-disciplinary global experts with in-depth experience on all aspects of policy formulation and investment design can be mobilized to develop clean energy solutions that are uniquely customized to meet local needs.
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International Experience

AMALA Global Associates have collective experience working in over 50 emerging market countries covering all regions of the world. Their work has contributed to shaping policies and mobilizing investments in key clean energy expansions.
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